Q: Can a fridge be fixed onsite?

A: Yes a fridge can be fixed onsite, however in some cases the fridge may need to go back the workshop and be repaired there if it needs to be completely stripped.

Q: Id is ok to turn on my fridge once it has been delivered?

A: No, do not put your fridge on once it has been delivered.  You should at least wait 2 hours before turning on.

Q: Should you leave your fridge off if you are going on holiday?

A:  No it is not necessary to turn off your fridge if you are going on holiday.  It is perfectly ok to let it keep running.

Q:  Is it important that the seals on a fridge are not damaged?

A: Yes if you have damaged seal it is advised to get them repaired as it allows air into the fridge and cause build of ice in the fridge.

Q:  How often does a fridge need to be re-gassed?

A: A fridges gas can last up to at least 10 years or a bit more.  But if you are concerned then you can call a fridge repair company to come and view the level of the gas in the fridge and they will advise when it will need to be re-gassed.

Q: Do fridge repair companies charge our a call our fee?

A: Yes a fridge repair company does charge a call out fee.

Q: Do fridge repair companies charge for a quote?

A: No , you will not be charged for a quote.